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In a gleaming high-rise over a glittering skyline, an elevator swoops the unassailable litigators of Specter Litt to their perch over Manhattan Sorry, but if you're not one for dispelling the magic of show business, you might not want to keep reading this article because, no, Suits -- and much as we want to believe it -- is not real. And Specter Litt is not a real law firm.

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And guess what? Mike Ross wasn't the only phony lawyer, because they are all actors! But we'll be damned if Suits doesn't have one of the biggest, coolest, most impressive, most immersive, most totally freaking awesome sets in TV history! In our recent visit to the Suits set in Toronto sorry, not really New York either Suits may not be shot in Manhattan, but it's about the size of an island! The set doesn't only contain Pearson Specter offices which comprise three separate sets of their own ; it's also where you'll find many other notable places, such as the courtroom and various characters' apartments.

‘The Cost of Hope,’ by Amanda Bennett

Gabriel Macht , who plays Harvey Specter , still gets lost. How do I get there? Do I go through the shop? Do I go the back route? Everywhere you look, the Suits set has highly detailed rooms and props.

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  5. We half-expected to open the fridge and find it fully stocked with prunies. We didn't actually check, so who knows? One of the most insanely detailed sets is the Specter Litt file room.

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    Now, that's just excessive Similarly, once inside, it doesn't take long for you to forget that you're not really in midtown Manhattan! Outside the fake windows of the firm is an enormous backdrop of the New York City skyline on a huge wraparound curtain. Rick Hoffman , the actor who plays Louis Litt , warns that if you get too close to the skyline, you might be "a little let down," because geographically, it doesn't exactly match up to real life we're pretty sure we saw the same building twice and everything's a little scrunched together to avoid showing any gaps.

    But, still, it's enough to make you believe you're really in the Big Apple! The hallway is a long circular walk that's close in scale to a real Manhattan office building.

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    Hoffman explained how everything about the office feels real, "aside from the elevators not really working -- but you feel like they almost do when you're in them. Guess what? We know Harvey Specter is the king of cool -- and he's got the record collection to prove it. Heck, his father was a famous bluesman! So we were tickled pick to pull out some of the more Alyssa Callaway is coming home from her school piano recital competition, only to find that her wealthy father, Roger, is about to marry Clarice Kensington, an overbearing self-centered gold-digger socialite who plans to send Alyssa off to boarding school in Tibet after marrying Roger.

    The identical strangers long for the other's life and decide to switch places. While Amanda enjoys Alyssa's wealthy lifestyle and Alyssa gets to experience being a kid at summer camp, the two get to know the other's parental figure and discover that Roger and Diane would be perfect for each other.

    Desperate to set them up, the girls arrange many "chance" meetings between Diane and Roger, hoping that they fall in love.

    Upon having spied Roger and Diane laughing and swimming together in a lake one afternoon, Clarice manipulates Roger into moving the wedding up from the next month to the next day. Soon after, Alyssa, while posing as Amanda, ends up being adopted by the Butkises without Diane's knowledge, and is taken away by child services. Alyssa discovers the only reason the Butkises had adopted so many kids was to put them to work in their salvage yard. Roughly two hours before the wedding, Amanda, who poses as Alyssa, proves to the family butler, Vincenzo, that she is not Alyssa.

    He contacts Diane and summons to have the real Alyssa picked up from the Butkises' salvage yard.

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    In the meantime, Vincenzo and Amanda work to stall the wedding. Just as Roger is about to say "I do," Diane bursts into the church with the real Alyssa behind her, and Roger falters at the sight of Diane, recalling all the good times they had together.

    In that moment, he realizes he has fallen in love with Diane and confesses this to Clarice. Furious, she slaps him and tries to do the same to "Alyssa," blaming her for sabotaging their relationship, but is stopped by Vincenzo.

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    As Clarice storms down the aisle, the real Alyssa steps out from behind Diane, and Clarice claims it is a "conspiracy" that there are "two of them. Humiliated, Clarice moves to storm out of the church again, but Alyssa embarrasses her even further by stepping on her wedding gown, causing the skirt to rip off. An incredulous Roger learns that Alyssa has been with Diane all this time and it becomes apparent to them that Amanda and Alyssa had orchestrated their meet-ups all along, about which the girls are extremely smug.

    After some encouragement from the girls, Roger and Diane kiss, and the four of them board a horse-drawn carriage, driven by Vincenzo, to take a ride through Central Park. Kevin Thomas from Los Angeles Times called the film "a predictable but fun romp. The website Parent Previews graded the film an overall B as a family-friendly one with "only a couple of bad words and a bit of child intimidation from the bad guys," and Rod Gustafson from that website called it "predictable" with a "happy ending" that children can enjoy.

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