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Also, a lot of the time I can feel emotions in people and it can get very tiring. Yes, Diana, nature can, but you have to know if its from God and a positive thing.

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To turn it into any form of a God would be wrong, but to enjoy the delights of nature and sometimes its small messages can be humorous and sweet. Im a pretty positive person…. Im not too sure about GOD or a god, because there is too much sad things happening in the world…If there was GOD, dont you think he would put his hand out and stop wars? Ive known some really good decent people die some horrible deaths too….

Being positive is a good thing. I am not always positive, but do work on it. War as you know was never brought on by God, but man, and men fight wars to either get or give something…fight for country or fight for vanity. So long as we are human, God has given us a choice toward peace and love, but many ignore God and choose to go their own way…away from the 10 Commandments of God [ which are the ways of life…a good way ].

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There is a time coming when all those that have died will rise up from their graves and live years of peace [ no wars ] and will know who and why is God. They will still have a choice…Gods way or theirs. Any questions they will have at that time will be truly given. Those that have done evil to good people will too, get to know God and will have a choice…to live or die forever. I think man created god, not god created man….

Organised religion uses it as a means of having power and control over people. I like your comment.

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I prefer pure spirituality. It took me many years to come to realize what was going on. I am open to all kinds of things. If someone want to make money, they have to hide how it is made or accessible in some way so you have no choice but to pay. It seems that many religions do just that. So go find it for yourself and then tell others. It belongs to all of us. We are already connected. We are already saved. When you realize this and know who you are and realize you are spirit then you become very comforted by it and empowered by it. No one can take that away from you.

No money required. Natasha, I too use to watch the clouds as they changed shapes and when I was PG, a shape would show either a girl or boy and I knew I was going to have a boy the first time and I did and the same thing happened with my two girls, but this was a nice thing, not a bad thing. Negative happenings only depress us and can drag us down, but things that are positive coming through with our abilities are more on the line of Gods mind.

Evil is not happiness or good happenings. There are times that God will warn us about something that he may want us to do, but He does this not to scare us, but to help another if He feels you should. When you have abilities, those abilities need to be put in the right place…are they good, bad, or a warning. If they are bad and only depress you, put them aside by asking God to stop the evil.

If they are good, be happy and if they are a warning, one of Gods angels will be there to help you know what you have to do. I believe that all true psychics are born psychic.

I always appreciate blogs like this and blogs that use psychic filters, which actually test their psychics for credability. For psychic filter sites theres onefreereading. Yes, I feel your right about this. DNA has a lot to do with it. I have taken a couple of test on the computer before and both times it can up, psychic. Aidan, everyone is different, even a leaf on a tree is different.

Everyone has their own unique talents and ways about them. This means your human and been created in a wonderful way…you are Aidan. You have the potential to be more if you want to be. Its the choices you make that make you who you are and how far you can go. I think I may be a Medium…. Now what do I do? Do I try to talk to a Spirit Guide?

Do I try to have a dream? Thanks for any help any of you can provide. Jamie, Do not contact so called spirit guides…they are not what they seem.

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Instead, use good judgement and try to stay away from being a medium. If things do happen, make sure its from a good source and not a bad one.

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If you read some of my comments, you will know why. I guess can come clairaudience hear , clairvoyance see ,Clairsentience sensing , to name just a few.. Headphones help a bit though. I had a pet terrapin that was ill and i new when i left to go on holiday he would be dead when i got back. I also have a cat. I have always been spiritual and was married at 25 with grandchildren my wife is 15 years older than me.

Thanks anyway this has helped. Wow almost all of these fit me! Only I do not feel animosity toward my sensitivity.

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I regard it highly. It helps me gravitate to those who are loving and kind and it alerts me those who are cruel so I may avoid them. I wonder if anyone else experiences this: I feel like I dream everything that will happen in my day, the night before. It feels like a condensed dream, almost like I just download it into my brain then wake up and live it.

I get lots of comfort and inspiration from my dreams and remember them much more than other people I know. I had some situations that leave me looking like the bad guy.

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One day I was joking talking to my friend over the phone telling him in full detail of his bed room from the bed to color sheets he has. So now I look like a stalker. Please help me. I see lights around people they change colors depending on their mood or who they are. I can pretty much guess what happens in the next 24 hours.

Well…maybe go and see another person who is psychic, and they could advise you.. Or look for a spiritualist church, where they have Spiritual Healing, Mediumship, and Messages from Spirit you probably get support from others there. Or if you think its a ghost hanging around, you could ask out loud what it wants…. Sarah, I too have things happen with me and never ask for them.

This too has been going on my whole life.