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Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Description In this book, authors from a variety of disciplines examine how the interpretative disciplines deal with the lack or loss of certainty for their signs and texts.

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The focus is on forms of scepticism and theories of probability in the period from to which make it possible to access conceptualisations of uncertain or weak knowledge. Using historical source-material, the volume takes up impulses from research into probability and scepticism. Bestsellers in Western Philosophy, From C -. Beyond Good and Evil Friedrich Nietzsche. Access All Subscribed content Open Access. Primary Language English 45 German Publication Type Book.

Print Email. Items per page 10 20 50 Wie Goethes Wahlverwandtschaften diese Symbolik der Schwelle aufgreift und auf bestimmte Konfliktlinien zwischen Tradition und Moderne hin zuspitzt, diskutiert der Sammelband aus der Sicht prominenter Literatur- und KulturwissenschaftlerInnen. Masken der Natur Zur Transformation des Hirtengedichts im Dem Doch wie mit dem Erbe der Anciens umgehen?

Die Studie untersucht, wie die Poetiken von u. Gottsched, C. Batteux und S. An ihr wird verhandelt, was Dichtung und Natur dem Jahrhundert zu bedeuten ha-ben. This volume focuses on coalitions and collaborations formed by refugees from Nazi Germany in their host countries. Exile from Nazi Germany was a global phenomenon involving the expulsion and displacement of entire families, organizations, and communities.

By focusing on such networks rather than on individual experiences, the contributions in this volume provide a complex and nuanced analysis of the multifaceted, interacting factors of the exile experience. This approach connects the NS-exile to other forms of displacement and persecution and locates it within the ruptures of civilization dominating the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

The Giant Hero in Medieval Literature.