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It actually takes 66 days on average to create habit, according to research by the University College London. For those who like to plan ahead or can establish routines easily, creating habits come easier.

Implementing habits are harder for those that are impulsive or are not used to having routines. A new habit is easier to make than to break an old habit because there are signals in your environment that can trigger habits. And those who try to adapt and focus on just one habit at a time think of it as small steps will find it to easier to achieve.

Once a habit is formed, the action will become automatic and second nature. The brain is very adaptive.

A List Of 30 Day Challenges You Can Start Today

Here are 5 reasons why daily challenges are needed:. You will discover a lot about yourself and embrace life easier. Be creative. So for 30 days, try this. Turn your email off on your phone and mobile devices. Pick one or two 30 minute periods during the day to read and respond to email and set an auto responder to let people know of your new email policy. There is nothing easy or even medium about giving things up. Psychologically speaking, the idea of deprivation is depressing. It just so happens that they decide to misbehave at 6pm.

Every single night. No complaining very hard Your iPhone crashes again and you want to throw the useless piece of shit out the window. Negativity is everywhere and that kind of language and self talk affects us much more than we think. So instead of complaining and using profanity, all of which are counterproductive simply acknowledge the unfortunate situation and then come up with a solution. And then go ahead and put your credit cards away.

Or in a block of ice in your freezer. That way, you have to pay with cash. No cursing hard Because, well shit. Oh shit. I just said shit.

No fast food hard Some of us rarely eat fast food, making this an easy challenge. Is addicting, cheap, and convenient, requiring a total, potentially very difficult shift in meal planning and preparation. No news hard No reading or watching the news.

Finances – Related 30 Day Challenges

If something newsworthy happens, let someone else tell you about it. The news can be addicting and depressing and just like the things we eat affect our physical health, the information we consume affects us mentally. I check it dozens of times a day, not because I care much about what other people or brands are doing. I do it out of habit. Long-term sugar abuse actually rewires the human brain, until we are all — in a very real sense — cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

Daily Challenges | Brilliant

No soda hard Soda is a stimulant. It is also addictive. And made up of all sorts of artificial things which means that it has zero nutritional value. Swap the soda for water and you will not only save money, but you just might lose a few pounds too like these people.

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Taking out the snacks from our diets forces us to eat more consciously during breakfast, lunch and dinner. But an hour or two of television every night is an hour or two of time we could spend doing other, more productive things. No caffeine very hard You might get headaches from the caffeine withdrawals, so be prepared for the symptoms. Even better, reduce your caffeine intake slowly in the week preceding your no caffeine month. No gossiping very hard Gossip is so much fun and so very tempting. Especially because it bonds us with other people.

I would imagine it would be excruciating. Especially since I do virtually everything online — banking, shopping, communicating, working. But if, psychologically speaking, you need a manageable time frame, by all means, do the 30 days. Either way, everyone has their reasons for abstaining or going all in intimacy takes effort! No cars very hard You basically have to walk, bike or take public transportation everywhere which can be easy or difficult depending on where you live.


I live in the suburbs and drive a minivan so a challenge like this for me would be next to impossible. You can read an interesting post about a car free life here. Say affirmations easy Tony Robbins calls them incantations. Affirming the things we want for ourselves, out loud, with meaning and with intention feels awkward, but it has some powerful effects on our subconscious minds.

Every day for the next 30 days, look at your goal first thing in the morning and last thing before bed, more if you can. Visualize something you want to achieve easy Every day, spend 10 minutes visualizing, in great detail, something that you want to accomplish. Paint the picture in your head, as if you have already achieved it. Engaged all five senses — what you see, hear, feel, taste and smell, and get to that state of accomplishment. Read a spiritual or inspirational text easy Read a passage from the Bible or the Tao Te Ching, or anything spiritual, Zen or even self help.

Make your bed easy Make your bed, first thing, every single morning. I highly recommend this incredible commencement speech by a former Navy Seal commander on why the simple act of making your bed can change your life. Practice gratitude easy Every morning or evening, think about things or more that you are grateful for.


Write it down and spend some time appreciating those things, so much that the emotions start to well up. Just pray for gratitude, pray for yourself or for other people, for something you wish for, for peace, for health, for an answer or a sign. Whoever you pray to and whatever you pray for, prayer promotes peace, introspection and presence. Watch something funny easy Every day, watch a funny video.

Click here for some funny videos to get you chuckling. Write down three positive things about your day easy At the end of each day, write down three things that were positive or successful about your day. It forces you to focus on accomplishments and the good things that happened and hopefully put you in a positive mindset. Draw something medium Get a sketchbook and spend 10 or 15 minutes drawing, coloring or painting something each day.

30 Challenges for 30 Days

Here are some ideas to get you started. Here is a great list of 50 ways to be romantic on the cheap. Consider yourself warned: some are very cheesy like feed each other grapes. Spend time in nature or at least outdoors medium Commit to spending a set amount of time outdoors each day, out in nature if possible.