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Definition of an Inverse of a Matrix - Web Formulas

The inverse of a product of matrices and can be expressed in terms of and. Portions of this entry contributed by Christopher Stover.

Example of finding matrix inverse - Matrix transformations - Linear Algebra - Khan Academy

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Inverse of a 3 by 3 Matrix

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This is a much more involved step than it sounds like! This is the button you will click to get into the edit menu. This will take you into the menu you see below.

Definition of Adjoint of a Matrix

Now you will select matrix A technically you can select any of them, but for now, A is easier to deal with. First, you must tell the calculator how large your matrix is. Now you can enter the numbers from left to right.

Inverse of a Matrix

Now, before we get to the next step. When you do this, it will go back to the main screen. The easiest step yet! All you need to do now, is tell the calculator what to do with matrix A.

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  4. Since we want to find an inverse, that is the button we will use. At this stage, you can press the right arrow key to see the entire matrix. As you can see, our inverse here is really messy.