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The Inspector was completely reimplemented with the following improvements:. Since June Apple has required that all new major app versions submitted to the Mac App Store implement sandboxing, regardless of whether these apps were already present in the store at the time of the policy change. Cornerstone 3 implements sandboxing in order that we can continue to offer Cornerstone to Mac App Store customers. The implementation of sandboxing in Cornerstone was extremely challenging. While many other developers have either given up or taken the opportunity to remove their apps from the Mac App Store citing the difficulty of implementing sandboxing, we have invested heavily into re-engineering significant parts of Cornerstone to not just work within the confines of sandboxing, but to embrace it.

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However some changes were necessary to accommodate or workaround restrictions imposed by sandboxing. Most notably:. As a result, the user interface for file selection had to be changed for the check out, import and export commands. Please note that the private Subversion and SSH configurations used by Cornerstone are not designed to be edited directly by the user. If you need to modify your Subversion or SSH configurations then you should switch Cornerstone to use your shared user configuration. Sandboxing also restricts the ways in which apps can interact so the way in which Cornerstone integrates with compare tools and scripts had to change, specifically:.


Finally, the direct and Mac App Store versions of Cornerstone are no longer able to share a configuration. More technically, the sandbox used by the two versions of the app cannot be shared because the two apps have different digital identities because they are signed by different entities, i.

Zennaware and Apple respectively. This separation is enforced through the use of different app IDs for the two versions of Cornerstone. As a result, customers that purchase Cornerstone 3 through the Mac App Store will find that the configuration they used during their trial period with the direct version has been lost. Learn more about App Sandbox. Notifications are disabled for all activities by default. Cornerstone also now displays the number of uncommitted working copy changes in the dock as a standard badge. The visibility of this badge is now controlled by the Notification Center pane in System Preferences.

Adding An Image Using Cornerstone WP Plugin

Note that Cornerstone 3 will write externals in svn 1. If you require compatibility with svn 1. Rename and move operations result in a pair of modifications in a working copy: a copied item is added and the original item is deleted. Previous versions of Cornerstone allowed these items to be committed independently, but Cornerstone 3 includes improvements to ensure that these changes are always committed together:.

  1. LOnde, Tome 4 - Dans un miroir obscur (La série de LOnde) (French Edition);
  2. Die janusköpfige Bedeutung des (Super-)Helden für die Gesellschaft am Beispiel von Christopher Nolans The Dark Knight (German Edition).
  3. Die Entwicklung der Ausdauer - aerobe und anaerobe Kapazität (German Edition);
  4. Stuff Matters: The Strange Stories of the Marvellous Materials that Shape Our Man-made World.
  6. The Private Wound?

Please note that these improvements are only available for 1. Individual files can now be excluded from a sparse working copy previously only folders could be excluded. The repository context menu in the source list contains a new Caching… command that allows a user to inspect and change the log caching settings for the repository.

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Log view items older than the revision of the selected item now have a revert button. Clicking on this button will revert the selected item to that revision. A syntax-coloring grammar was added for the Swift programming language. Several operations that previously had their own custom panel e. Include Externals in Updates option was moved from the Working Copy menu to the Working Copy section of the Inspector, where the option is now named Update contents of externals for consistency with the related option in the Update window.

This not only makes the option more discoverable, it also allows the exact effect of the setting to be described in a tooltip. Much effort was invested into improving how Cornerstone handles working copies and file-based repositories that are inaccessible to the application i. Wherever possible, Cornerstone provides recovery options such as allowing the user to a select an alternate location for missing folders, or b grant the application access to an inaccessible folder by locating the folder using a standard open panel.

Previous versions of Cornerstone defaulted to 10pt Monaco. This behavior is more consistent with other Mac applications such as Xcode. The Use font smoothing preference is also respected. The glyphs used to represent invisible characters spaces, left tabs, right tabs, newlines and page breaks were changed to be more consistent with popular OS X text editors such as BBEdit, TextWrangler and TextMate.

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The pilcrow sign is now used to represent page breaks. The appearance of the window shown by the Upgrade Working Copy… command was improved. In addition, the wording of the associated compatibility warning was improved and a button was added linking to a FAQ article providing additional information on inter-application compatibility. In previous versions of Cornerstone, the working copy browser used small arrow icons in the Folder Status column to indicate folders that contained uncommitted changes.

This status is now indicated by a small dot that is only shown for collapsed folders in order to reduce visual clutter. Cornerstone will now prompt to upgrade working copies whose format is not supported. The export function now supports exporting the previous revision for working copy items.

Specifically, Cornerstone now enables improved parallelism for concurrent SSH requests. Cornerstone was designed to support loading of any kind of image regardless of its container, compression algorithm, encoding or transport. This is one of many possible image loaders that can provide the image pixel data to cornerstone to display. See all contributors. Something wrong with this page?

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