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In and MetalSucks named Leviathan the best metal album of the 21st century. The album brought Mastodon widespread critical acclaim and together with the ensuing tour greatly extended their fan base. It sold , copies by September, The Tour Edition is presented in a slipcase which shows the complete cover artwork, rather than the detail of the whale shown on the standard edition. This is also the cover for the vinyl edition. A video for "Seabeast" was completed in Cover art and booklet artwork was done by Paul Romano.

The vinyl edition of Leviathan has a slightly different track listing. Placing Mastodon "among the elite of bands" on the strength of Leviathan , Avi Pitchon wrote in Terrorizer that the album "rampages through in a shining epic flow, the 'crazy' parts never separate from the classic metal parts". The song was available as downloadable content for Rock Band and features an optional Pro Guitar upgrade for Rock Band 3.

The song "Island" was featured in a brief scene in Monsters University. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Progressive metal sludge metal. Spirit of Metal.

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Having returned to Uthodurn, the Mighty Nein attempt to tie up loose ends before heading back to the Cinderrest Sanctum Foster to discuss the perilous plans of Campaign 2, Episode 75 - Rime and Reason.

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