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On the other hand, many songs are hillarious, many songs make fun of people, and they do it with a greatness. Brassens was a grandmaster at trying to do many things at once. The songs that sound happiest as music are often the saddest lyrically. The most simple lines, at first appearence, sometimes hold a treasure trove of complexity. Sort of funny how so many people brush this type of music off by thinking of it as popular music.

Georges Brassens - Le Gorille / La Chasse Aux Papillons (Vinyl, 7

Brassens was human, Brassens loved attention. But he also knew that not many people understood what made him tick.

To be honest, at this point in my life it is embarassing my utter lack of knowledge of how guitars work. Brassens was a poet before he was a singer, before he knew how to play guitar. I quite like his use of guitar, I must say, the way the sounds of the guitar express the singers emotion. While understanding indeed the speed and musical difficulty of much of the guitar playing, I still should be correctly defensive and make the duly noted criticism: some people who quite prefer novelty of instrumental sound will unlikely find anything earth shattering in the treatment of guitar in many of the songs.

That is the most honest criticism I can make. And, honestly, he was one of those guitarists who could make it sound like two instruments, playing the melody with the harmonic structure, as if the two hands were playing a piano. Don't get me wrong, it could be something else.

The songs are of such an extreme literary complexity that the native Italian translating them into Italian might see many Italian phrases in them, or even with more distant languages. Great art is what me and George and them are about. Like a musician performing music written by a composer, a good translation, I've learned, must reflect some individual proclivities of the translator.

The translator must make some decisions according to his or her personal taste.

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These translations are not designed to be sung. I am confident other people have done the "translations to be sung" much better than I could. In the future I'll provide the hyperlinks. It has been two months and this is going to be at least a nine month labor of love. The embryo here is not very appealing to the eyes. Dont quitter les yeux. No doubt, many translations of Brassens songs into English have been made. This won't keep me from enjoying doing my own.

If I were virtuoso violinist I too would perform the Beethoven violin concerto, I would not care that hundreds have done the same. A frenchman who knew not any English at all, I am sure, would miss some things Brassens was trying to say in his songs. If I was the violin virtouso performing a great violin concerto I would be sometimes changing the composers. Just because I thought my addition would make it better, and more original. Sometimes, of course, an unpretentious direct translation will be better than the translation choices I make, no doubt.

Brassens knew English and Spanish. No doubt, many of his songs contain meanings that would not appear to someone who did not understand Spanish. I have only a very basic knowledge of Spanish.


And I am sure, in translating his more Spanish songs I will not be able to fully succeed as a translator, but I'll try my best. The songs are translated into American English, that is, all else being equal, my Brittish doppelganger would say some things differently. Use of present perfect tense is a seldom noted but rather important difference between Brittish and American English. Trenet was an influence on Brassens. Why not translate some Trenet songs as well? From what I understand so far, the songs of Brassens are in a different league of musical and literary complexity, yet Trenet shines with love.

The translator thanks in advance many members of www. By the time the project is complete dozens of people will have made essential contributions. The translator has also been helped by website www. Google Translate, as well, is a great help.

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Google will definitely make the history books, I am sure. Brassens Correspondence on "Corne d'Aurochs". Le Petit Cheval. Sateenvarjo track 2. Vorsicht Gorilla track 5. Milne-Ed wards. Quelle est la taille des grands singes?

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Est-elle plus grande ou moindre que celle de l'homme? Ce sont de petites inexactitudes qui comptent peu, comme nous le disait M. Nous avons pu mesurer la taille de treize squelettes de gorilles adultes. Leur stature oscille entre lm,28 et lm, La taille moyenne du groupe des petites tailles est de lm,32, et celle des grandes tailles de lm,. Toggle navigation Home.

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