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To get feedback? Some people, well-intentioned, have said that she is my mother. Please forgive me. Marilize is writing a book on Ingrid Jonker, which she will submit to Rooi Rose at the end of the year. She would like to contact you for research purposes, and perhaps for permission to use your photos, but would not like to impose. I think you may find more on Google if you have the time and patience to look.

And the bandwidth of course. Hoe einaardig is dit, dat jul se jul is lief vir Afrikaanse gedigte in Engels? Hi James, those are beautiful poems and very useful websites. I really appreciate your contribution, thanks.

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Thanks for the link, Skellem Willem. Strange how such a simple poem has such and impact on me as a child.

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 3

And interesting that CJ wrote it too. Openbaring Die kind is dood. Maar die betrokke kind is lank gelede reeds dood. As misgewas land dit reeds by geboorte in die sloot.


Selfs die nageboorte was oneindig swaar soos lood. Maar die betrokke kind is lank gelede alreeds dood. Ewig nooit kom dit in die nuwe Jerusalem se poort. Sodat hulle dit vandaar slu in hulle rigting kan stoot. Maar die erfgenaam is om alle praktiese redes dood. Solank dit op alles kan teer gaan dit met alles akkoord.

Language is a curious old thing.

I came across your blog by accident — while searching for info about the new movie about Ingrid Jonker — Black Butterflies — opening in NY soon. Glad to have found it! PS Have you heard anything about the move, by the way? Thanks for your visit, Lynn. The movie opened in the Netherlands in February. Hi there I am Simone. And i did not know how otherwise get in touch with you. I would loke to kbow if you got permission from the Ingrid Jonker Trust to publish mmy mothers poem? Just asking as this is a sensitive issue for me Sincerely Simone Jonker. For that you should be proud.

Long may it last! Die Mot en die Kers C. Langenhoven Die ander motte was dom en dwaas, Maar ek sal ver van die kers af bly; Hier ver uit die skemerte sal ek kyk, Hier ver is dit veilig en kyk is vry. Maar ek hoef nie van eenkant net te kyk — Ek vlieg op dieselfde afstand om, Dan weet ek van alkant hoe hy lyk Om beter te sorg om nie nader te kom.

My sirkel was skeef en ingebuig, Maar daar ook nag, waar ek naaste was, Het daar niks gebeur — ek maak verniet My veiling so groot en so ver van die as.

Die lewe na die dood - lesing 1 - wat gebeur nadat 'n gelowige sterf - Henco Kruger

Die wieletjie draai al vinniger om En die lig en die gloed word al groter genot; En die veilings word al nouer al rondom die as — En die end van die wiel is die as van die mot. Afrikaans poetry is not so well represented on the web. Read your message.

Thought you might like to know a movie just came out on the life of ingrid jonker. Black butterflies. Must see. Definitely a must see — Black Butterflies… But being Afrikaans I was a bit dissapointed that the movie was in English…. Showing Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Jan 03, Sonja Randall rated it it was amazing Shelves: afrikaans. Die geheime wat ons as mens vir ons naastes wegsteek kan soveel skade doen. Hierdie drama illustreer weereens dat eerlikheid op die kort termyn seermaak, maar bande op die langer termyn versterk.

Elsa Van rated it really liked it Apr 03, Marco Pretorius rated it it was ok Nov 29, Saskia rated it liked it May 28, Wihan rated it it was amazing Nov 04, Alano Conradie rated it it was amazing Aug 10, Carla rated it really liked it Jul 14, Stefanie Janse marked it as to-read Oct 30, Shaka was a sadistic psychopath who committed genocide on a larger scale than Rwanda has ever seen.

The Zulus wiped out entire tribes, entire cultures in what is today known as the Mfecane or Dfecane Annihilation. Amongst all this chaos arrived the White man in the region of the Xhosas. The Frontier Wars, Kaffir wars or Xhosa war. Everytime the wars were about Xhosas stealing cattle and other livestock, burning down homesteads, killing not only white farmer families in the most horrific torturing ways, but also the coloureds who worked for the whites.

It was at the time of the sixth Kaffir war that Piet Retief decided to trek with the other Voortrekkers. Piet Retief and his party thought they could negotiate and buy land from the Zulus, but they were massacred on a hill at the kraal of the Zulu King, Dingaan when they respected the wishes of Dingaan to leave their weapons outside. Every man and boy, around in total, were clubbed to death. Retief was the last to be killed, so as to witness the death of his comrades. An orgy of violence started. Families were camped at Bloukrans, Dorinkop, Moordspruit, etc. Cowardly blacks would attack them during the middle of the night, killing everyone in the most horrific ways.

Women were brutally gang raped and pregnant women were cut open, their babies killed in front of them while they still lived. Small children and babies were picked up by their feet and their heads smashed against the sides of the wagons.

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Among the Voortrekkers , 41 men, 56 women and children were killed. In addition another or Khoikhoi and Basuto that accompanied the Voortrekkers were killed. A girl called Johanna van der Merwe 12 years old at the time sustained 21 assegai wounds, but managed to survive. The Voortrekkers built the town Weenen meaning wailing at the site. Throughout the following decades up until the present day the whites of South have experienced this petty envy and brutality at the hands of blacks.

Examples are legion.