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He was captured with Sergeant Hawks, August 20, , with his wife and two sons, one of whom died in captivity. He returned from Canada and served again in the last French war with Captain Clesson. He died at Bernardston, July 23, , aged eighty-six years. Moses3 Scott, Josiah2, William1 b. She was the dau. Her father, Ebenezer, m. July 1, , Mary Scott, dau. Her grandfather, Timothy Nash, m. Samuel Stone of Hartford; her great-grandfather, Thomas, m. Margary, dau. Scott was one of the pioneers who settled in Falltown, now Bernardston.

He was given an allotment of land on account of the services rendered by his grandfather, William Scott, in the Falls fight of His farm embraced all the meadow north of the village as far as the old cemetery, and the upland now known as the Warner place, where he built a house which was taken down some years ago. He also erected and owned the saw-mill near the present iron bridge on Fall river, and ran it for many years.

There has since been a mill on the same site until quite recently.

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He was a man of powerful physique, six feet in height, having the strength, it is said, of four ordinary men. He was a farmer, carpenter and soldier, and excelled in each occupation as duty demanded. He had the oversight of constructing the first forts built in Falltown, and was not backward in their defense. The pioneers of the new town did not enjoy a long respite from danger, for war was declared by Great Britain against France and Spain Mar. In Colrain and Falltown several houses were stockaded and some forts erected.


Roaming parties of Indians were frequently seen in the woods seeking for an opportunity to inflict damage or take captives. Some time in , it is thought, Capt. Scott took his family to Fort Massachusetts, located in the present town of Adams, for their better protection. Rigaud de Vaudreuil marched from Crown Point, with about eight hundred French and Indians, and invested Fort Massachusetts on the twentieth. The garrison at the time consisted of only twenty-two effective men under the command of Sargeant, afterward Lt. Williams, the former commander, having joined the forces then raised for an expedition against Canada.

Notwithstanding the inferiority of his force the brave Sargeant rejected the proposals of the French commander, and resolved to defend the place to the last extremity. For twenty-eight hours, with small arms only and a small supply of ammunition, he resisted the efforts of the enemy and kept them at a respectful distance. Habituated to sharp shooting, the garrison singled out the assailants whenever they exposed themselves and brought them down at long shots.

Instances occurred in which the enemy were thus killed at the extraordinary distance of sixty rods, and they often fell when they supposed themselves in perfect security.

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Having at length expended most of his ammunition, the brave commander reluctantly consented to submit, and a capitulation was agreed upon by which the garrison was to remain prisoners of war until exchanged or redeemed, to be humanely treated, and none to be delivered to the Indians. Vaudreuil however, the next day, in violation of the articles of capitulation, delivered one-half of the captives into the hands of the irritated Indians, by whom a sick man was immedately murdered; but the others were treated with humanity, carried to Crown Point, thence to Canada, and afterwards redeemed.

Hawks lost but one man during the seige, but the enemy, according to information afterwards obtained, had forty-seven killed or badly wounded.

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From a return made by Sergeant Hawkes we learn that Moses, Stephen and Joseph Scott were among the brave defenders of the fort. Moses Scott, with his wife and two young children and cousins, Stephen and Joseph, were taken to Canada with the other prisoners. They also the French carried Moses Scott's wife and two children, and another of Smead's children. Died Miriam, the wife of Moses Scott. She was taken with me at Massachusetts; she got a cold in the journey, which proved fatal, her circumstances being peculiar. She was never well after our arrival at Canada, but wasted away to a skeleton and lost the use of her limbs.

Died in the morning, Moses Scott, son of Moses Scott. He was a child about two years old, and died with the consumption. Scott returned Aug. On his release from captivity he was unable to obtain the liberation of his son Ebenezer, who had been sold to an Indian; but some three years afterward he returned to Quebec to redeem his son. When he discovered him he had lost the knowledge of his mother tongue, and ran like deer from his father's presence into the woods. It required a nimble Indian to catch him and bring him back.

At last his father succeeded in taking him home, but the boy was so thoroughly imbued with Indian ways that he was often found in the morning wrapped in his blanket lying on the floor, which he seemed to prefer to a civilized bed. Israel Williams' Co. When in Falltown was organized into a township and took the name of Bernardston, he was chosen one of the first selectmen and was re-elected several times thereafter; he also held various other responsible town offices and was a man highly respected.

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He died in Bernardston, where his gravestone may still be seen in the old cemetery north of the village, with this inscription,. It has thus far remained an unsolved problem when Moses Scott received his commission as captain. Just before sending copy to the printer the writer wrote to Hon.

Olin, Secretary of State, to learn if the archives of Massachusetts throw any light upon the subject, the following being an extract from the reply: "There is little doubt that Moses Scott obtained his title of captain from having commanded the local militia company of the town of Bernardston, but unfortunately the confirmations of the appointments of the militia officers of the Province are not to be found in the State archives, although at times incidental references appear in the Legislative or the military records that supply proof of this fact, that the title evidently belonged to the individual.

So the matter will have to rest, unless perchance the finding of some dust-covered document shall reveal the secret. Tamar, m. Hale; he was drowned in the Connecticut river.

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She m. March 4, , Vernon, VT.


February 11, , Canada. Moses4 Scott, Moses3, Josiah2, William1 b. Elizabeth Slate, dau. Moses Scott Jr. He was a brave, intrepid man, and in his declining years loved to tell over the incidents of his soldier life. He drew a pension in his old age. He was a man of property and owned and lived on a farm in the west part of Bernardston, recently known as the Martin Devenport place. He was buried in the new cemetery in the village of Bernardston, but no headstone marks his resting place.

His wife survived him and spent her last days with a daughter in Utica, N. When she was past 80 years of age she rode in a sleigh with her son-in-law to the village of Little Falls. She was left a few moments in the sleigh while he went to transact some business in the mill near by; during his absence the horse became restless and backed off a precipice of great height.

The son-in-law came out in great alarm to learn what had happened; he looked over the dizzy height and saw the demolished sleigh and the lifeless horse, and called out, "Granny, are you dead? The local paper which published the incident called the feat, "Sam Patch outdone. He was born in Deerfield, MA, and died September 15, She was born October 1, in Springfield, Hampden Co. January in Bennington, VT.