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Star Force: Allegiance SF21 With the lizards expulsed from the Epsilon Eridani System but the larger war far from over, Star Force continues to tighten its defenses and expand its borders, coming into contact with many new alien races and finding themselves being brought into a much larger conflict spanning Earth's region in the galaxy Star Force: Augmentation SF22 With the founding of the Alliance against the lizards, multiple communual facilities are created to service and share information between all the races, including a starfighter training facility on the planet of Daka where Mark is dispatched with a sampling of Star Force's best pilots to test their skill and learn from others how best to counter their common foe.

Star Force: Backstab SF23 The intrabase brawl escalates into full scale war as the Nestafar inexplicably turn on the Alliance they helped to found. Mark, the Archons, and Star Force suddenly find themselves caught up in someone else's conflict, far from home and any hope of reinforcement, having to rely on their troubleshooting and martial skills to find a way to keep themselves and their loyal allies alive. Star Force: Origin SF24 With the Nestafar assault taking a serious toll on the Alliance's defenses, the Archons and their Canderian support stand to be overwhelmed unless their limited number of aircraft can thin the enemy's ground forces prior to their reaching the breached southern hangar doors of the Alliance base Star Force: Foothold SF25 With the Nestafar switching sides and joining with the lizards in the war against the Alliance, Star Force decides the time is right to fully dedicate itself to the war and go to the aid of their allies Star Force: Death Knell SF26 With all-out war raging between the Nestafar and Calavari, Morgan takes a small strikeforce off from her armada on a special request to a major Calavari system in an attempt to break the stalemate between the Alliance and Nestafar forces vying for control of the industrially significant linchpin in the Calavari economy.

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Star Force: Ascension SF27 The war for control of the Brokal System continues as Morgan has to come to grips with what happened to her on the jumpship and the aftereffects thereof Star Force: Insurrection SF28 While Star Force's two front war against the Nestafar and lizards rages on, back home a sleeping nemesis twitches, exposing itself to Davis's keen gaze and drawing an Archon-level response.

Star Force: Psionics SF29 With more and more Archons beginning to develop mental powers, Davis's recall order brings those affected back home to Earth where they work together along with a team of highly skilled medtechs to figure out what is happening to them and how they can survive their potentially fatal development Star Force: Recalibration SF30 With Kara now having joined Jason and the others in the pyramid, new insights into the Archons' developing psionic powers are revealed, triggering a host of changes within their ranks.

Star Force: Aquatics SF31 A lizard counteroffensive has begun, with the heavy end of the hammer falling on the waterworld of Atlantica Deep within Star Force territory the moon Tyr is about to draw unwanted attention, turning into a battlefield of a very different type of war. Star Force: Paradigm SF35 Out on the lizard battlefront, multiple engagements continue with a startling revelation that will force a change in Star Force's war strategy, as well as redefine their relationship with the Alliance.

Star Force: Knighthood SF36 Major structural changes are underway within Star Force to counter the growing threat the lizards pose as the trailblazers use their cunning and inventiveness once again to reshape their growing empire into a more powerful civilization. Star Force: Scruples SF37 With interstellar warfare escalating to unprecedented levels, true colors begin to show, exposing the Alliance for the house of cards that it truly is and causing the trailblazers to chart a different course for Star Force if they are to survive the coming lizard storm.

Star Force: Termination SF38 Now with a lead on The Word's secretive leadership, Star Force seeks to find a crack in the organization that it may one day use to expose and defeat their Earthbound nemesis. Star Force: Unification SF39 With Davis's edict that 'the 6 nations who created The Word must forfeit their sovereignty' already given to the public, Star Force acts to carry it out, along with setting up a transformational process for the rest of the planet With that change comes opportunity Star Force: Upgrades SF41 The battle on Eshwan continues, with Kip leading Clan Protoss against the super large Skarron walkers, trying to find a way to take the mechanical beasts down where the Protovic army has failed.

Star Force: Probe SF42 As the saying goes, "No good deed goes unpunished," and Star Force is no exception, drawing reprisals for their efforts to help their allies in the ever increasing war zone that the lizard expansion is spurring.

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Star Force: Consensus SF43 New information leads to new revelations and new plans as the Skarron threat forces Star Force to reestablish its priorities and develop a new playbook for the path ahead. Star Force: Relocation SF44 A major shift occurs in the Alliance as the lizard juggernaut continues rolling forward, resetting the power structure as races vie to save themselves by whatever means necessary. Star Force: Excursion SF46 With more and more refugees fleeing into the Alliance Defense Zone, the battle lines are beginning to be drawn ever more clearly as the former Calavari Empire crumbles into dust, leaving Star Force, the Hycre, and the Protovic as the primary gatekeepers holding the Skarron and lizard threats at bay.

Star Force: Axius SF47 With the new-formed Alliance proving itself capable of defending its borders, interior issues surge to the forefront as a cultural clash breaks out, with Star Force attempting to gain the upper hand through a variety of measures.

Star Force: Veracious SF48 When the terms of colonization are violated, Star Force's credibility is put on the line as races within the ADZ question whether or not they can now enforce their edicts. Star Force: Penance SF49 With the Scionate dropping the heavy end of the hammer on Admat, Star Force is faced to fight their ally in self-defense of their small world situated within the capitol system of the other's empire. Faced with a defensive effort that they know they cannot survive, they request the aid of the Alliance to evacuate their race into the ADZ.


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He also served as co-producer and co-writer of "Imagine - John Lennon," and co-writer of the cult comedy "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Martin Shaw, sporting a broad Northern accent, is a porno kingpin who wants to by an old aquarium and turn it into a grot theatre. On checking her website I see that she has published a dozen novels so far, starting in , most of them being grouped in series. We had worked on radio back in the s when he ran a radio training school in Toronto.

I knew Lorne when he played the ghost to my Hamlet on radio. We had done a number of shows together. The serial was produced by Hunt Stromberg Jnr. His ambition was to make a definitive version, which was faithful to the original novel.

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