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Please Note: Items in our extended range may take longer to deliver. Delivery in Days. See our Delivery Charges section below for a full breakdown of shipping costs for all destinations. Sworn secret by Amanda Jennings 16 August Category: Contemporary Fiction. When Anna, Lizzie Thorne's charismatic sister, is killed in a tragic fall from the roof of her school, her family is devastated.

One year on and grief still has a hold on them. Kate, Anna's mother, has retreated from her family and is desperate to find someone to blame for her daughter's death. Her father, Jon, is doing his best to care for his family but the pressure of holding his marriage together is pushing him to breaking point. Amid her parents' turmoil, Lizzie, Anna's younger sister, just wants to leave her sister's ghost in the past and find happiness again.

She is very much consumed with the pain and loss that she feels so much so that she can barely function. This obviously has a knock on affect with her loved ones who are trying to cope also. During a memorial at the school, it becomes obvious to Kate that there maybe more to her daughters death and Annas friend Rebecca seems to hold all the answers.

From this point onwards the revelations of lies and deceit just keep coming. It made for some shocking and tense reading. I loved Lizzies character in this novel, she's only fifteen and since her sisters death, she has had a lot to deal with. She still has to go to the same school that Anna did which is a constant reminder of how she died, she also isn't getting the love and support that she so desperately craves from her mum so when she decides to go see Hayden, he seems to be the answer to all her problems.

My only niggle with this book is that there seems to be a question mark over Anna's death which is never fully answered. I am one of those readers that likes everything to be laid out in front of me and not left to my imagination, if it hadn't have been for that I would have definitely given this book the full 5 stars. Aug 19, Caroline Morris rated it it was amazing.

I loved this book. I read it in less than 2 days and was gripped from the start. The characters are so real and their experiences and reactions were so believeable - not at any point did I think "would they really have done that", they were so easy to relate to and it was hard to believe I was not reading about a real life story. An emotional story - left me in tears at many points - with many twists and turns, finishing with a thought provoking ending. Can't wait to read h I loved this book. Can't wait to read her next one! Sworn secrets:a story that thickens Sworn secrets:a story that thickens This book starts off simple, but it just grows and grows.

The characters grows and mature as the plot thickens,and though it is not a who done it book, it acts like one. Was particularly impressed how each character stretched and in some way assisted the plot. I don't want to spoil it for you, but my hat is off to Amanda Jennings. I will be looking for more of your books. May 26, Michelle rated it it was amazing.

This is my second book by this author and I'm now a fully converted fan! I found this book so difficult to put down and actually felt like I was there through it all. Credit to the author. Jul 21, Hayley Swithers rated it it was amazing. Fantastic book. Could not put this down so read it in a couple of days. It was full of twists and turns and right to the end you wondered what was going to happen! Nov 26, Edward Ian rated it it was amazing. Packed with genuinely moving emotion, characters that live and breathe and events that sadden as well as upset this is an assured, powerful novel.

My favourite book of , by far. Nov 03, Sheila rated it liked it Shelves: kindle. How a girls death affects her family. Dec 29, Trish Hills rated it it was amazing. Literally all I can say is WOW! What a powerful book! Jul 21, Lindsay rated it really liked it Shelves: debut. Anna Thorne died after falling from the roof of her school in a tragic accident.

What emotions are they experiencing?

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These questions are deftly explored by debut author Amanda Jennings in detail here. Losing a child will do that, you see. Losing a child turns everything grey, settles over life like a dirty shroud, sucking the joy out as it smothers every last thing. What are the secrets that are now being uncovered? There is anger, astonishment and disbelief for Kate and Jon at what they now know. Lizzie is falling further in love with Haydn, a relationship that brings with it its own complications as is revealed as you read on further.

This is a perceptive, emotional novel that really gets to grips with the affects of grief on Lizzie, Kate and Jon. It is not particularly fast-paced at times, but concentrates on portraying the heartbreaking feelings and pain that each member of this family is experiencing, and how their responses to their personal pain is impacting on their everyday life now. How do they find the sense in such a terrible loss, and the strength to go on? Can they come together as a close family unit ever again now that Anna is gone? The story has depth, with other threads of intrigue running alongside the main events, which flesh out the principal characters well as we see their responses to what happens and gain insight through their behaviour.

Feb 19, Gill rated it it was amazing.

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Lizzie is living with the aftermath of her 16 year-old sister's sudden death. It was a year ago but her family is still struggling. When Lizzie finds out more about the circumstances, she starts on a terrible path of discovery which will either bring her family back together or break them forever. This is such a great read with twists and turns on every page well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but you get my drift. Amanda Jennings is the queen of thrillers.

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I recently read In Her Wa Lizzie is living with the aftermath of her 16 year-old sister's sudden death. I recently read In Her Wake see my review here which was a 5-star read for me and possibly the best book I've read this year and had high hopes for this one. It didn't disappoint. Anna the dead sister starts off as an angel, popular at school, pretty, clever and generally perfect. As her sister grows older and nears the age when Anna herself died, Lizzie wants to know more about her death. She talks to friends and Anna's boyfriend and gradually uncovers her sisters real life, including bits she didn't want to know.

A shocking twist in the middle of the story turns the story on it's head and kept me guessing to the last page. Highly recommended if you like fiction to keep you guessing, this will keep you gripped until the last. Jun 15, Sophie rated it it was amazing Shelves: print-books. Sworn Secret is a highly-emotive novel, enthralling and a stunning piece of writing. Amanda has written complex characters suffering from a devastating experience, but written with no fear, this is a wonderful, transfixing novel.

Kate and Jon, a year on from the death of their daughter Anna, are still destroyed with grief, struggling to accept the loss of their child. The character development was brilliant.

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Regardless of the judgments you make on them all, each one has their own little story, their own issues and when they combine and things unfold, Sworn Secret was very emotional and an extraordinary novel. Everything felt plausible despite how uncomfortable it might be to imagine. The twists in Sworn Secret played out perfectly. The first one shocked me and then each further twist took me by surprise and changed my whole outlook on the story.

Just when I thought I knew where things were heading, Amanda completely changed things up and I just love her style of writing. This book tackles some horrific issues but I absolutely loved it.


Aug 21, Sara Townsend rated it liked it Shelves: crime. A year ago, fifteen-year-old Anna Thorne is killed in a fall from the roof of her school.

Her family are still shattered by grief. It seems Anna was not the golden girl everyone thought she was, and was hiding secrets. This is not so much a novel about death, but grief. It is told from three different points of view — Kate, Jon and Lizzie. Though this gets confusing at times, the grief is palpable, leaping off the page and gripping you by the throat, and each of the characters is clearly defined by the way they cope — or fail to cope — with their grief.

There is a mystery here — did Anna fall, jump, or was she pushed?

Sworn Secret

But as far as mystery novels go, the ending is decidedly unsatisfactory and if you approach the book as a crime novel you may find it disappointing. Read this instead as a study in grief, and a story about a family healing after a terrible tragedy. As a story about a family coming to terms with tragedy, it is heart-wrenchingly beautiful, so approach it this way and you will find this an engrossing and utterly compelling read.

Nov 20, Jennifer rated it liked it. A family's fight to remember what it means to love So, the book opens to tell us that one year had passed since the 'accidental' death of a high school girl. The family she left behind - parents and younger sister - tried to move on but the emotional baggage which the mother carried on was taking a toll on everyone.