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Here are some little-known dragonfly facts from the book, The Secret Lives of Animals. The damselfly is actually a completely different type of insect.

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The easiest way to tell them apart from dragonflies is that damselflies tend to rest with their wings folded behind their bodies, while dragonflies rest with theirs held out to the sides. Dragonflies fossils date back more than million years.

In fact, some prehistoric dragonflies had wingspans of 2 feet. Imagine that flying around!


They are always on the move, and they have to figure out how to fly and hunt at the same time. If you have an account, then sign in now! Anonymous users messages may be delayed. Name required.

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E-mail required. Bug Squad. Know Your Dragonflies! Author: Kathy Keatley Garvey. A red flameskimmer dragonfly, Libellula saturata perches on a bamboo stake. Photo by Kathy Keatley Garvey. Variegated meadowhawk Sympetrum corruptum. Widow skimmer Libellula luctuosa. Red-veined meadowhawk Sympetrium madidum. No Comments Posted. Leave a Reply:. Share Print. Recent Posts Blog Home.

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Dragonfly Facts, Symbolism, Meanings, and Photos

Not only do they have top-notch vision, but their eyes can look up, down, right, left—and all at the same time with a degree span. Dragonflies have something called compound eyes—ommtidia, a cluster of photoreceptor cells that are equal to thousands of eye facets! Under a transparent cornea, each ommatidium sends one picture image to its brain; it is more like sensory input and that allows them to zero in on prey.

Insects - Educational Videos for Kids

They can see colors in ultraviolet light unlike humans who cannot. In fact, researchers at the University of Adelaide in Australia are studying the way insects see and track their prey.

20 Startling Facts About Insects

They hope to apply this information to a new robot under development. One half-second is all it takes the dragonfly to snatch an insect out of the air.

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  • The brain of the dragonfly creates this complex behavior and that proves to be important ideas for future research. The watchers claim that what the dragonfly does is every bit as complicated as the most talented ballet dancer; there is sophisticated internal information processing going on there. Getting a body to move through space involves many mechanisms. Up until now, researchers have thought this was straightforward and the dragonfly simply reacted to the position of its prey.

    The Amazing Dragonflies – Critter Science

    It is much more complicated, like a guided missile performance or catching footballs. They found if they placed reflective markers on different points of the dragonfly body, under high-speed video, the light reflected, providing markers of each type of movement.

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    • Kind of like a body cam for an insect, if you will. Dragonflies did:.