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Aggie likes the torchlit puppets, including a shimmering fish, and the birds that fly into the audience. And the haunting folk songs and music by Arran Glass, who is also on puppeteering duties with Rachel Leonard, bring a sense of calm to the audience. But this largely wordless minute show requires children to really pay attention to those lyrics.

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When his home begins to melt, the polar bear heads off on a journey in a boat, gradually joined by a panda and an orangutan whose lollypop-stick homes are being chopped down. To depict this destruction, Glass plays a devil-may-care logger, sporting a hard hat and blowing a kazoo whose buzz resembles a chainsaw.

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The last one into the boat is an elephant, and a subtle series of silhouettes are used to explain the threat of poaching to the species. But the animals never really emerge as individual characters. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Children's theatre Play time. Theatre Puppetry Climate change Little Angel theatre reviews.

Reuse this content. What else could give your life meaning? Buzz struggled for answers, and for much of the s he sank into a deep depression and hit the bottle hard. He's all the more a hero for being so honest about his struggles - in Magnificent Desolation he shows how he came to terms with himself, and proves why he deserves the world's respect. Feb 07, Jay Pruitt rated it it was ok.

Guide The Long Journey Home: A Stage Play

Is it really necessary to point out to the crowd that somebody else was first when we all went through the same training, we all landed at the same time and all contributed? For me, Magnificent Desolation was such a book. Of course, by this time you're feeling pretty invested in reading it, having slogged through maybe one-third of this boring work, and not wanting to simply stop reading -- who knows, maybe it will get better? Buzz Aldrin's book starts by telling all about the Apollo 11 mission, landing on the moon, and returning to earth.

This, I quite enjoyed. Ok, there was the occasional caustic remark from Buzz over some slight he took offense to. Criticizing Neil Armstrong for reporting to Houston that the "Eagle has landed", when in Buzz's opinion Neil was wasting valuable time because it must have taken, what, seconds?

But after discussing the moon voyage, Buzz sets sail on what I'd best describe as a rather defensive essay on his post-lunar life. True, he notes his struggles with alcohol, depression and failed marriages.

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But it struck me that the book was intended to get it on the record that he is a hero deservedly so despite his problems. For example he spends time defending why he went around "lobbying" to Deke Slayton and others that he, not Neil, should be first to step on the moon. He blames these actions on competitiveness, not jealousy. Then Buzz derides Frank Borman, on Jim Lovell's team, for mentioning in a book that he Frank had been given the opportunity to fly the Apollo 11 mission but had opted to wait for another flight, presumably because later flights entailed more scientific studies.

Buzz mentions several times that he and Frank had a competitive relationship. Jul 07, Stuart rated it really liked it. Actually, I must have downloaded it on the first day of the release. It's an interesting story as it shows the depths to which Buzz sank before he dealt with his alcoholism after being catapulted to fame in the NASA astronaut program. It is also a testament to marriage and partnership and how both partners worked to overcome their problems and changed their lives for the better. I enjoyed the book, but it clearly shows that it has been cobbled together very quickly, possibly for the 40th anniversary.

I had the feeling that I had heard some of the facts mentioned several times. Maybe this was more noticeable by hearing the audiobook, a text reader might not notice it so much but when I later watched Buzz give interviews, I got the same feeling, he speaks in a similar way retelling his familiar life story once more.

He still believes in manned space exploration and is still thinking up new ideas to overcome the problems which he has first hand experience of. His ceaseless work in promoting manned space exploration may actually be a greater legacy than his historical visit moon as one of the first two men to land on the moon. Jun 26, Jake rated it really liked it Shelves: biography , non-fiction. Buzz Aldrin is perhaps the most colorful astronaut in history thus far.

And this memoir shows off Buzz in all his quirkiness. As the book depicts, within three years of returning from the moon, Buzz was already far-removed from the proverbial no nonsense, cool-headed image of an astronaut. Don't expect a detailed, epic recounting of the Apollo 11 flight. Buzz and his collaborator Ken Abraham dispense with the legendary mission in the first three chapters.

This is a book about Buzz's life Buzz Aldrin is perhaps the most colorful astronaut in history thus far. This is a book about Buzz's life post-Apollo. It is an unabashedly humanizing account of failed marriage, alcoholism and depression. It is also an inspiring depiction of Buzz's eventual triumph over his demons. Along the way, Buzz engages in a great deal of reflection and discussion about the rationale for space exploration.

He makes his case for the commercialization of space travel. For the space enthusiast, these may be the most interesting chapters. Buzz also fills a lot of pages recounting his celebrity exploits among the rich and famous of Hollywood and the world stage. At times the memoir verges on self-agrandizement.

Still, the book ultimately left me regarding Buzz as a great American, a brave explorer, and a staunch advocate of expanding space travel. Jul 27, Melinda rated it it was ok Shelves: biography , american-history , adventure , real-life-adventures. I have been waiting for this book since last July as we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon.

I expected to read more about the actual flight and time ON the moon, but discovered that it was a book primarily about Buzz Aldrin's life after Apollo 11 returned home. I should have figured that out since the title says "The long journey home from the moon", but silly me I thought it was about coming home literally from the moon. While perhaps interesting to some, it I have been waiting for this book since last July as we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon.

Magnificent Desolation: The Long Journey Home from the Moon

While perhaps interesting to some, it was not what I wanted to read, and so I was disappointed. If I had been more interested in Aldrin's later life, I might have rated this book higher. As it is, I really didn't want to read about his alcoholism and recovery, or the struggles he had in his career when NASA put the astronauts on a "world tour" after the moon landing that stifled his military career.

Jul 14, Claudia rated it it was amazing.

AMERICAN THEATRE | The Long Journey Home

It took courage to write this book. After returning from the moon, Buzz Aldrin spiraled into depression and alcoholism. Having bouts of depression myself, it is not an easy thing to confess to. Too many people do not understand depression, and telling someone to "cheer up! Further, despite great strides, there is still a considerable stigma associated with depression and even more stigma attached to addiction disease.

It took courage for someone very much in the public eye to It took courage to write this book.

It took courage for someone very much in the public eye to admit this. A wonderful, honest, gut wrenching memoir peppered throughout with Space anecdotes and plaintive advocacy for civilian space travel. Dec 26, Lee rated it really liked it. This book was not what I expected. I did not walk away feeling let down by the book, even if it was not what I expected. After the first portion, which was about the lunar landing, we got into the life of Buzz Aldrin after he had come back. The man had come back a hero to the American people and also to many people outside of the country.

This put a huge This book was not what I expected. This put a huge amount of pressure on him and the other astronauts. They were paraded around and shown off constantly and I can not see how that would end any other way than to over-inflate an ego or to burn someone out. In this section, Buzz Aldrin tells a story that many people would rather leave buried, a story about depression and alcoholism. His desire to make his problems known, with the hope of helping or giving others courage to seek help is a noble and selfless act.

He paid for this decision in more ways than one but it also may have helped to set him on the right track. This is a Buzz Aldrin we never learned about in school. Sadly, a common theme among "American hero" books that I have recently read is that being a hero is just a temporary thing.