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The good news is that each area of South Korea has its own education body which looks over, among many other facets, the process of employing foreign teachers of English. The most known are:. It is important to note here that public schools tend to pay slightly less than hagwons, but will expect you to work less hours and will offer you more paid holidays.

Busan — known for its beaches, mountains, and temples — is a large port city in the south of the country, and is a hugely popular go-to destination for English teachers drawn to the coastline and away from what seems like in comparison the concrete jungle of the capital. The weather is also somewhat more favorable here than in other parts of the country although not significantly so and teachers do enjoy the slightly warm winter temperatures here, as well as the solid expat support networks.

As with all teaching English overseas destinations, newly arrived teachers should expect to be earning a bit less than teachers who have been around for longer and who are more established. As a general guideline, teaching for a public school will reward you with approx. There is also the possibility of teaching at a university in South Korea and earning up to 3. It is often stated online that teachers can earn much more teaching English in Seoul, but from the reports we have received from our graduates teaching there, it seems that while you can expect to be paid more, the difference in pay is really negligible.

Actually, it is separate from Seoul and has its own local government and offices of education. Here you can almost have your cake and eat it; enjoying a less congested city experience with that hugely convenient spot on the subway system. The feedback really has been as polarized as that. The main issue teachers have of course is regarding privately-run hagwon schools, where you could find yourself at the mercy of a poorly-run school and an employer who will either underpay you or try not paying you at all.

And this is predominantly why we only recommend that our graduates teach at public schools. Of course, it is completely up to you where you teach, but please bear in mind that while some hagwons are very professionally run a generous number of bad apples openly operate with impunity.

The most common complaint though is the work ethic.

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Teaching English in South Korea definitely offers up incredible financial benefits, but you seriously have to work for them. As a new teacher you should expect to be spending a substantial amount of your time at the beginning planning classes. We just want you to be aware that yes, the benefits of teaching English in South Korea are excellent.

If you were to ask us to nail down our number one preferred teaching English destination in South Korea, the mid-sized city of Daegu would be our choice of teaching location.

One of the reasons for this is because of the time it can take for the application process to run its due course. Public schools hire from three to all the way up to nine months before the start of each new semester, so you should definitely bear this in mind when choosing when to take your TEFL course and when you would like to begin teaching in South Korea. The first semester kicks off around September 1st, and the second semester begins around March 1st. This therefore means that you can technically apply for a September start as early as January, and for a March start as early as June.

Teaching English positions are always allocated on a first come first served basis, so it is really important to get all your ducks lined up in a row early if wanting to teach for a particular school. It is also worth noting here that schools follow the general rule regarding your arrival in that they almost always expect you to arrive to South Korea at least ten days before you are due to begin teaching.

The reason for this is that it will provide you with enough time to get over your jet lag , and allow you the space and time to become familiar with your new surroundings and with the new culture. Teaching in Jeju City will provide you with the perfect opportunity of enjoying the heavenly combination of relatively warm weather and substantial island bliss.

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Jeju island is the smallest province in South Korea and Jeju City only has a population of around , People. Where is South Korea?

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A clear criminal background check. Passport photocopy. The process was very easy and they guide you the whole way through.

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My recruiter Andy treated me like I was his first priority as he does with anyone who wants to get involved with TTR. It seemed like TTR was doing all the work while I was just going through the steps submitting the required documents they asked for. Any questions I needed answered, Andy replied back within a couple hours and sometimes minutes!

My brother and I were looking to teach in the same area and TTR made it happen..

Teach English in South Korea

The process is super easy and they know what they are talking about! Once the job was set up with the school, TTR continued to prepare us with information all the way up until the morning of the flight! I used to be the person who would read these reviews and thought people were sugar coating their reviews but here I am trying to get people to go through TTR like I did haha! If your having trouble making a decision about teaching overseas I highly recommend contacting TTR. I was teaching in Korea 2 months after I started the process and it was the best decision I could have made.

Please go through Travel and Teach!!!!! Trust me I used this website to help keep find a job in Korea. Everyone was helpful and my recruiter Andy was very quick to reply and answer any questions I had and make sure I had all my papers in order. I am also getting help with my secondary contract and being able to work in Korea another year. I am am happy for this program and the quality of help that they offer and give when looking for a job in another country. I would continue to recommend this program and this website to everyone. It's also a plus that they dont charge you to use the website and help put you with schools looking for teachers.

Unlike some websites and programs they help you without charging an arm and leg and they also help make sure you have all your papers in order and ready so you can get your Visa also. Overall the experience was positive. There is a large amount of initial red tape in coming to Korea, both before and after arriving, but this amounted to an annoyance more than a deterrence. Travel and Teach was very helpful with keeping the recruitment process moving and in providing interesting work locations.

Teaching may not be the most lucrative job you could find overseas, but so far it has been exceptionally rewarding and enjoyable. The exposure to Korean culture from within the school setting has been eye-opening, and has likely proved more fruitful for understanding Korea than a few months bumming around hostels and hotels. I would highly recommend this position to anyone hoping to spend a year overseas and who would like to have the greater support network and stability that comes with a full-time job and other expat coworkers.

I recently had been placed in Korea for one year contract to teach in Korea. The recruitment process was easy to follow and they had inside knowledge that no one else knew about the second copy of apostilled diploma being needed to submit in Korea after you arrive. If Andy had not told me about the issue, it would have been a nightmare, since some of my co-workers from other agencies had to order their diplomas from Korea remotely.

On top of that, my entire process only took about 3 months, as I was on top of getting all the documents as instructed.

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Just follow the instructions they give you on the emails, and you will be fine. I love the school that I am working at right now, and the contract is good. It is not a piece of cake either, but very rewarding and fulfilling, if teaching is your true passion and calling. When looking into which recruiting service to go with for my teaching experience in South Korea, I spoke with at least 7 agencies. Andy made sure to be with me every step of the way he was even available for support when I landed at the airport!

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There is a little mystery when going into this adventure, so you must be ready for the unexpected. The pay and ability to have free rent in a beautiful studio apartment will definitely set me up for success in saving money from this experience too. I had done a lot of research since the moment I decided to teach in South Korea. I contacted Travel and Teach to help me find a job. They responded right away and I had a set interview the following week. Andy made the whole process super easy!

In no time I had an interview with my current school, although it was the first school to have an interview with, I was offered the job after two interviews. The school has Korean teachers as well as many foreign teachers, which are super helpful! The hours are as expected for a kindy and afternoon hagwon. Travel and Teach actually helped of the foreign teachers to get jobs in my school.

Definitely recommend Travel and Teach to help you find your next adventure in South Korea! I lived in Korea for a short while a few years back and absolutely knew I needed to come back and live here longer. I was absolutely determined to get a job and when I found Travel and Teach, they were very determined to support me every step of the way.

It didn't even take them long to find job offers for me, and when they did, within the span of three days, I accepted it, had a phone interview and received the job.

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  • The process with Travel and Teach was so amazing, they were extremely fast with my responses a big shout out to my recruiter, Niko for dealing with the millions of questions I would send in the middle of the night , and all of my questions were answered in full details every single time. From getting the job to walking off of the plane in South Korea, this was the simplest and easiest process ever.

    In fact, it was so smooth that the only thing I stressed about was whether I had enough room in my luggage to move everything! The school, oh my goodness, the school and students are absolutely wonderful. They pay very generously and provide an apartment.